August 18, 2014


Nars has launched a new formula of lipstick called Audacious, but it should be called amazing. Full coverage, satin finish in a broad spectrum of colors- what more could a girl ask for? They are $32 which is pricey but worth it. I picked up a nude pink, of course, called Barbara. I know I'll be acquiring more :)

August 08, 2014

In my shopping bag...

You all know my proclivity towards polka dots, but now this sweater has developed my new penchant for bows. The cream and black contrast keeps it sophisticated. I wouldn't expect anything less from Alice and Olivia.

July 23, 2014

Not so basic

This is an upgrade to your basic white t-shirt, at a reasonable price. I wore it recently with my Alice and Olivia black leggings. Try it with denim or even a tulle skirt. So many options!

July 21, 2014

Faves and Craves

Hello all! Long time no see. Busy with an inquisitive, playful 9 month old =)

Well, on to the fun... polka dots. Although it is 80 plus degrees outside, the pre-fall items have arrived. Alice and Olivia always knows how to make contemporary trends look timeless.. like this jacket. Love!

July 02, 2014

Fab Finds

J. Crew crewcuts has such cute items that even adults would be tempted to wear them, including this embellished sweatshirt. Who wouldn't love the sparkly pineapples?

June 25, 2014

Fab Finds

Equipment has silk blouses down to an art form. Structured and yet still feminine, they are perfect for work. However, the price tag can be daunting at typically $258. Thankfully, Off Saks features many of their blouses for 60% off, such as this one for only $90.99!

June 08, 2014


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